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Mortgage Note
A mortgage note (also known as a promissory note or real estate note) is a legal document and is what the purchaser gives to the lender as an assurance that the loan, plus interest will be paid. The mortgage note also confirms the length of time the buyer has to repay the loan, and what proceedings the lender can instigate if the buyer reneges on the deal. It will also detail the interest rate and what type that it is: variable or fixed. There could be other information contained within a mortgage note, for example whether there is a balloon payment involved, and whether monthly repayments include escrow payments for property taxes and insurance because typical monthly payments made by the borrower are not just for the principal sum and the interest.

In recent times, due to the bleak economic climate, many people have seen great financial changes that have impacted greatly and negatively upon them. Real estate has been an area that has been hardest hit and default home loans are, unfortunately, increasing. This depressing outlook for homeownership has been the cloud with a silver lining for some though, because the situation has created an opportunity for those who are prepared to take a risk to become a mortgage note buyer.

Although the risks are substantial, there is definitely a very real chance of some very large profits to be made. The first thing to do is to discover where you can find a mortgage note that is for sale. Sometimes they are obtainable through the property as a short sale, or you might find that the bank is quite prepared to sell bad loans with really great discounts just to be rid of them. Either way is as good as the other because the only thing you are interested in is the profit potential.

Again, you have choices - you can look for a mortgage note by using a professional service, or you can do the research yourself. Once you have found out just what is available you need to do some very essential market research. This is an absolutely crucial step and should be neither underestimated nor taken lightly. You need to examine local market conditions so you are totally aware of the genuine real estate values - real estate, real time values; so that you are not taken by surprise by any recent fluctuations. All this information will be the basis upon what the terms of your purchase agreement are. You will need to take into account all the variables of the demographic information available to you because the housing market can change dramatically, even in neighboring areas. If you are prepared to take the risk of buying a mortgage note, it will certainly help if you are a great negotiator. If you are a novice in this area, then it is a skill that you must be prepared to pick up quickly because the terms of any deal can always be altered, and you certainly want them to altered so that the benefit belongs to you. Look at things like the time period for payback, which will usually be either months or years, and interest rates, because these will have a direct impact upon your profit margin.

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