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When you own the note of a home's mortgage, you have the advantage of receiving a monthly check for that loan. You also get paid interest on the loan over its life, which typically means thousands of dollars in profit for you. This means that a person may wonder why they would ever sell a mortgage note to someone else.There are many advantages when you want to sell a mortgage, and some losses that also need to be considered. As with any sale or any business transaction, you need to do some research and even some figuring before you can decide what is best for you. It's also good to remember that a person may want to sell a mortgage, not necessary for the financial benefit but for other reasons that need to be considered. As an example, someone may want to retire and walk away from such a loan arrangement altogether.

One thing to remember when you sell a mortgage is that you typically don't get paid cash that is equivalent to the value of the note itself. The buyer needs to make a certain amount of profit, and you give up some of that value for the cash you get immediately. It can actually be financially advantageous to sell a mortgage if you want to use that cash for another business venture or for another reason that may gain you more money than the mortgage itself. You may also want to pay down other debts you have, which means avoiding interest charges and fees on those debts.The financial tradeoff of the cash you get when you sell a mortgage versus the value of the note is something you must consider. The advantages and disadvantages need to be decided upon by you, depending upon your circumstances and reasons for considering the sale in the first place.

When you sell a mortgage you may also have certain advantages that cannot be figured in simple financial terms. For example, what if someone defaults or walks away from their mortgage note? The legal processes that follow are typically lengthy and difficult and expensive. Being able to have cash in hand when you sell a mortgage and being able to avoid that risk can be worth the few dollars you may lose through that sale.It's also good to speak to a lawyer or financial advisor when you want to sell a mortgage. He or she can assist you with understanding all the terms and conditions and the monies you may concede in exchange for the cash you receive. They can also advise you on the current mortgage industry and risks you may be facing if you do not sell a mortgage. A good financial advisor can also check on other business ventures you're considering and how they may compare with the mortgage note you have. This will mean being able to make an informed decision regarding your choice to sell and all those considerations.

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